Paul Rudd Got Photographed In A Restaurant And Now Everyone Wants Him To Drop His Skincare Routine

In the shallow and youth-obsessed society in which we live, many of us fear nothing more than the aging process. The fountain of youth is a finite resource, but some people seem to get way more access to it than others. Not coincidentally, they often have access to a lot of money, free time and great plastic surgeons, but that doesn’t stop the results sometimes coming as a surprise.

This can be seen in the response to a recent photograph of actor and  Ant-Man star Paul Rudd. Restaurant owner Asma Khan took a photo of Rudd and dining partner Dan Levy when they visited her venue in London. The picture quickly went viral, but most of those reacting to it weren’t focusing on the food. Instead, many were baffled that at the age of 52, Rudd has maintained an appearance that looks decades younger. There were more than enough Dorian Gray and M Night Shyamalan references to go around, although the main takeaway was a mixture of shock and jealousy at his good genes and whatever else was playing a part in his extremely photogenic demeanor. Whether it’s SPF or Satanic blood sacrifices keeping the wrinkles at bay, it can’t be denied that he looks pretty impressive. If only we all knew his secrets.

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