People Discuss Their Favorite ‘South Park’ Episodes

South Park is one of those shows that has something for everybody. Nearly everyone can agree on around ten episodes that are the best in the series. However, I’d say most fans wouldn’t claim titans like «Scott Tenorman Must Die» or «Good Times With Weapons» are their favorite episodes. Your favorite episode might depend on your favorite characters and what era of South Park you love. As a kid, «South Park is Gay» was one of my favorite episodes because I loved Crab People with all my heart. I’m also a megafan of any Terrance and Phillip-centric episodes. I will unironically watch «Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus» without shame because I am a grown adult woman who loves fart jokes. Others might prefer political shows with a strong message, but those can age poorly and lose relevancy quickly. Some topical episodes age like fine wine; «Britney’s New Look» falls under that category. Redditors came together to discuss their favorite episodes of South Park, both classic and underrated. 

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