People Get in the Mood for Halloween by Tweeting Their Irrational Childhood Fears

You might think that your list of phobias is entirely unique to you, but take a trip to the Twittersphere and you’ll realize that a lot of our deep-rooted ears are actually quite common. It’s almost as if we’ve been conditioned to fear them for some absurd reason. Check out these Tweets to see a common thread among all of the irrational childhood fears that may or may not linger with us to this day.

Why were we all so afraid of things like poison ivy, the Bermuda triangle, and quicksand regardless of our location? Sure, these things can be frightening if they were accessible to us. But quicksand? Really?

It seems like a lot of these fears came straight from cartoons, which checks out since we were all watching the same ones growing up. But still, it’s pretty amazing to see how specific and relatable these are. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

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