People Got Tired of Stealing LeBron’s Head So Now They’re Inflating Him With Liquid

Last month, shortly after the release of Space Jam: A New Legacy, people everywhere flocked to their local big box retailer to steal the heads of LeBron James action figures. And yes, it started as a TikTok trend. For regular, non-TikToking patrons of Walmart, the sight of shelves stocked with decapitated LeBron toys was pretty perplexing. Many turned to Twitter for answers as more and more LeBron heads mysteriously vanished. The trend became so widespread that Walmart resorted to locking up the figures.

Recently, the trend was taken in a new direction by TikToker, who filled a stretchy version of the action figure with water and posted a TikTok of the hilariously inflated LeBron entitled, ‘Lebhrone Jahamas.’ The video amassed 5.6 million views and a new trend was born. TikTokers have filled LeBron with everything from milk to helium and there’s no telling how they’ll violate these toys next. Some have already started turning Bugs Bunny figures into real-life Big Chunguses. Keep scrolling for a thorough look into the LeBron action figure saga. 

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