People Share Their Non-Negotiable Friendship Dealbreakers

Our friends can be some of the most important relationships we have in our lives, but they’re also one of the most consistently undervalued. There are too many individuals out there who will use and abuse friendships in a way that they wouldn’t dare with their family members or romantic relationships. 

It can also become pretty difficult to call out crappy friends, especially when you both belong to the same friendship group. Forget polyamory, just navigating the average platonic social circle can be a nightmare when it comes to keeping things organized and drama-free. 

As anybody who has experienced the pain of a friend breakup realizes, sometimes it’s easier to cut someone off at the first warning sign than get into more trouble. This is the logic of many Twitter users who have been sharing their dealbreakers when it comes to friendships. Most people deserve a second chance, but not if they’re doing things like this.

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