People Share Their Unpopular Alcohol Opinions

It’s easy to feel like you have unpopular opinions regarding alcohol. When you’re ordering drinks at a bar, you can’t help but feel like your drink choice is being judged by the alcohol intelligentsia that is the bartender. However, most people don’t care if you’re ordering a vodka Redbull with sugar-free Redbull. Drinking like a 19-year-old college student using a fake ID for the first time is not a crime. 

The popularity of your alcohol opinion is highly dependent on who you’re talking to. If you’re around a bunch of Brooklyn-residing millennial dudes, panning all craft beer is definitely unpopular. You’re not presenting an unpopular opinion if you’re hanging out with women over 21 and under 25, claiming that fruity drinks are good and beer is gross. The following alcohol opinions are varied. Some are fringe, and some are widely accepted, but I guarantee you will agree with some and disagree with others. 

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