People Share Things That Are Technically Legal But Comically Twisted

When I was a kid I had this one classmate who used to eat dry wheat bran flakes out of a bowl with no milk and it was a highly disturbing sight that I was never quite able to shake. There is nothing actually wrong with eating dry cereal out of a bowl. It is one hundred percent legal and totally harmless. But there is just something alarmingly off about the practice. One redditor opened up a discussion about the sort of actions that make you look like a psychopath but technically aren’t illegal to do. For example, flying a kite at night—there’s no rule against it, but doing it gives off some very cursed vibes. Some of the things redditors came up with are hilariously twisted – and maybe even give us some creepy ideas for triggering unsuspecting friends, family, and maybe even neighbors. We collected all of our favorites. 

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