Piercing Memes For Everyone With a Masochistic Need for More Body Holes

If you had told people in the 1950s that one day it would become common for individuals to stick metal in random parts of their faces and bodies in the name of self expression, most of them would probably be horrified. Indeed, there are still plenty out there today who feel iffy about the fact that there are many out there who choose to have piercings in places other than their ear lobes. It’s kind of crazy how normalized body modification has become in the 21st century, but how strong a reaction it can create. These days, walking through the trendier areas of many cities, you would be forgiven for thinking the real countercultural move would be to forego having any holes poked in you at all. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that piercings can’t look mighty cool. On top of this, we’ve got plenty of memes that allow us to meditate on this fact. Get your saline solution at the ready.

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