Poorly Aged Posts That Are Filled With Regret

We all know that hindsight is 20/20. That definitely applies to the year 2020, too. But today we’re talking about a special kind of hindsight and regret. We’ve all seen that tweet from Hillary Clinton where she says «Happy birthday to this future President.» Well, things didn’t really go as planned. Today we’re here to cover some of the regretful and poorly aged posts that you may not have seen plastered over the internet. You know, posts regarding the horrendous winter storm that struck America’s heartland this week. Or, perhaps, posts that deal with some woefully ignorant Bitcoin owners who sold themselves short years ago.

Most of these regrettable situations and posts are pretty harmless. But they’re a great reminder that you really need to try to think to the future before getting your hopes up – or your hopes lost. One thing’s for sure, it always helps to laugh through the pain. 

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