Professor Discovers That Students Made A Bingo Card For His Seminars

One of the few delights of mainstream education is getting to know the quirks of those that teach you. Everyone has had the occasional professor that is known through their strange habits or favorite sayings. Doing some teacher-based people watching can liven up even the dullest of lessons, and more educators have been on the receiving end of this than they might think.

This was recently proved by a tweet from law professor @MJSteilen. He shared the realization that his students had made a game of bingo to correspond with his seminars. Including things like textbook head bashing and copious amounts of swearing, his teaching method appears to be something to behold. It also prompted other Twitter users to share the ‘educational’ games that they had played (or had played on them), showing it’s a more common phenomenon than you might think. At least it shows that people are listening, right?


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