Programming Memes For Those Who Have Programmed a Program

Programming and memes have had a symbiotic relationship for years. Everything we see online is thanks to the work of programmers. You could not read this paragraph on your phone or computer if there were not somebody who had to code this first. It’s hard to imagine the enormity of the work programmers do, especially when you’re constantly inundated with different websites and images. It’s shocking to remember that there’s a person behind every screen you see. 

Symbiotic relationships go two ways, and you can see how programming has affected memes and vice versa. Programmers are some of the funniest meme creators in the game. The painstaking process of writing and rewriting code can get so overwhelming that you need a creative outlet. Programming memes not only dominate Reddit but are found in the minds of those who spend so much of their lives creating the digital world we live in. 

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