Random Memes and Tweets For This Random World

It’s finally here. The weekend. Many of you might be going shopping for the holidays, or getting cozy at home making some kind of project meal. I decided that I’ll be making my dad’s famous chili. It’s a flavorful dish full of chunks of braised beef, two kinds of beans, and at least four kinds of peppers. The only problem is I’m not just doing this for fun. I’m doing it because I’m stuck in the house with Covid-19. I’m willing to bet that there are others like me, struck down after a family and friend-filled Thanksgiving weekend, suffering from success. At this point, I’m so bored that I’m excited to cook. Otherwise, I’d just be scrolling endlessly through the offerings of my many streaming services, trying and failing to find something to watch. Beyond cooking, there’s not much else to entertain me. You know, other than memes. So if you’re not yet at the cooking or doing chores level of cabin fever, these random memes and tweets might help you out. 

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