Reading Memes For Library Lovers

I’ve always been a huge library head. Before the pandemic, it was one of the only places I could really focus and get lots of schoolwork done. Libraries range in their interiors from static and office building-esque to stunningly gorgeous and Hogwarts adjacent. Luckily for me, I love all libraries whether they’re fluorescently lit design messes or dark academia havens that harken back to a time long-since passed. 

Libraries offer so much more than simply a place for students to study; there are millions of books that anyone can access for free. During a time when public libraries are under attack by reactionaries who can’t handle that there are books available to the public that they don’t agree with, it’s more important than ever to support and uplift our local libraries. Whether that be checking out books, working from the library, or even donating money, the library fandom knows how to stick up for our reading haven. 

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