Redditor Shuts Down Former Workplace Trying To Keep Them As Emergency Contact

No matter how crappy and soul destroying we may find a job, we can always sustain ourselves on the fantasy that we’ll be able to leave one day. Nothing motivates like the idea of greener grass on the horizon, even if the reality is that we’re just moving to a slightly different job title that brings a similar set of problems.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s the annoying possibility that the workplace might linger on in ways that we don’t expect and we certainly don’t want. This can happen in any number of ways. Perhaps there are enduring memories of a particularly hellish boss, or horrible customer that you just can’t seem to shake. Maybe you accidentally forgot to give your uniform back, and now they’re chasing you down for payment. Worst of all is when a former employer acts like you still work there, no matter how long it’s been. What do you mean, you can’t work Saturday?

Recently, u/AcrolloPeed found themselves faced with this predicament. This was due to an apparent administrative error at a place they had worked no less than eight years prior, where they were still listed as an emergency contact for mental health crises. However, they decided that they weren’t going to stand for it  — prompting the respect of other Redditors, as well as a few more stories about the return of the bogeyman that is a past job. If only it was always as easy to shut down a former employer.


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