Redditors Discuss Things That Have Mysteriously Disappeared

At some point in your life, you’ve probably asked yourself, «Oh, yeah! Whatever happened to that thing?» Whether that be random fads like fidget spinners or well-respected establishments such as Fudruckers, you’ve likely noticed that things just go away sometimes.

Today, Redditor /u/musicmaniac247 posed this very question, «What eventually disappeared and no one noticed?» The Askreddit thread quickly blew up, garnering over 15 thousand replies. Whether good, bad, funny, or just kind of depressing, responses certainly varied. 

It’s nice to see the internet agree on things once in a while. I’ve definitely wondered about the absence of cereal box toys and 3D televisions. I haven’t been to a Mcdonald’s play place for many years, but I’ll take Reddit’s word that they no longer have video game consoles. 

There are a few downer not-so-mysterious disappearances among the relatable, innocent enough responses regarding silly bands and hoverboards. See the increasing absence of lightning bugs and monarch butterflies. Or the reduction of livable wages and corporate pensions. Seeing the masses agree on these sorts of things is a bit concerning.

And that’s the summary of it. Really just a great thread for people to rally around nostalgia, changing times, and the current state of society. Here are some of the most popular responses.

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