Relatable Adulting Memes For Those of Us Who Are Reluctantly Leaving Adolescence Behind



Adulting is hard.


You have to feed yourself, clothe yourself, go to work, and clean your house. Not only that, but the decades have withered your young, spritely figure and now you’re only left with stress wrinkles, an ache in your neck you can’t seem to get rid of, and knees that crack when you reach for the Windex under the sink. However, there are some good things that await you in adulthood— especially for things that seemed futile or useless when you were a teenager. 


But guess what, now you’re a liberated adult with nobody telling you what to do! You can choose to wear your favorite sweatpants all day if you want. You can cook on your favorite burner on the stove and dance to your old prom jams at the grocery store. You can even take an ibuprofen or two just so that you can properly pop-lock-and-drop-it like you used to. Sounds rad right?


So for those of us who are struggling to come to terms with being a functional, capable adult, here are some memes that lighten the load and show a glimpse of the futures we all have to look forward to. 



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