Relatable Memes For People Who Want Solidarity

I wholeheartedly believe that memes made me more empathetic. As a tween, I was obsessed with the internet and being on the pulse of the latest trends. Sure, the content on YouTube was entertaining, but I didn’t really learn anything about myself by watching The Annoying Orange every day. Once I got onto social media proper, I began seeing memes that articulated the exact experiences that I’d had. Yes, I’ve rubbed my eyes for too long and seen colors! Yes, a teacher has responded to me asking, «can I use the restroom?» with «may I use the restroom?» Yes, I do remember that nostalgic thing! Relatable memes communicated to 12-year-old me that other people have had the same experiences I did. I was not unique, but I was also not alone. 

Relatable memes don’t just belong to children learning how to understand others. We can all relate to the generous supply of memes floating around us daily. 

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