Rude Guest Trashes Hotel Room, Housekeeper Finds Perfect Evidence For Revenge

The jobs that few people tend to take notice of are often the ones that are the most revealing about human nature. Unfortunately, what they do reveal is often not especially good. The janitors, custodians, cleaners and housekeepers make a living out of cleaning up our messes, and it can be amazing just how much of it there is. 

When you make a living dealing with the business of dirt, it can be a pretty crappy deal. Doing this physically demanding work full time can take its toll on your body, and when you’re on shift it’s not uncommon to get very little recognition or respect from customers and managers alike. On top of that, the pay often leaves a lot to be desired.

One of the worst areas for all of these downsides is hotel housekeeping. Like most areas of hospitality, many lodgings attract the worst types of entitled people, who have no problem treating the place in ways they wouldn’t in their own homes.

This is something that u/TheBookOfSmoremon is no stranger to. Writing in r/PettyRevenge, they detailed how frustrating their role as a housekeeper could be when dealing with the aftermath of things like stag parties. Recently, this major downside came to a head when dealing with an exceptionally messed up room, in which a guest had left behind a trail of horrors.

While at first they expected the job to be a standard, heavy clean up, it turned out that the soft furnishings were not the only thing that this individual had been disrespecting. This gave way to a bright idea that allowed them to receive some justice for having to spend so much time picking up after this night of debauchery. All it required was a small trip to lost property, and the use of an emergency contact.


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