Salty Guy Requests $4 From Hinge Date After She Doesn’t Text Him Back

Dating is hard. A simple lack of communication can quickly escalate into something ugly, and these days, receipts of the fallout can often end up on TikTok for the whole internet to see. 

On January 17, @katlyn_phipps shared screenshots of an exchange she had with a Hinge date (we’ll call him Hinge guy). The text message starts with Hinge guy audaciously sending a request for $4 via Apple Pay. Rightfully confused, @katlyn_phipps responds, «So I just woke up. Why did you request $4?» Hinge guy replies, «I assume the 2nd try for breakfast is cancelled by now so that’s for the coffee last week since it seems like we’re never gonna go out again.» @katlyn_phipps laugh-reacts the text. Hinge guy keeps going, «Really just don’t understand what games you are trying to play.» Games? Sir, you just requested $4 for coffee because you’re resentful about a date not going as well as you’d hoped. 


Things men have: the audacity

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