Sensitive Bridesmaid Drops Out of Bridal Party After Harmless April Fool’s Prank

We’ve all heard stories of Bridezillas making life hell for their bridal parties. They want to travel to costly locations, have annoyingly specific demands of their besties, and won’t compromise for their special day. While it’s understandable to want everything to be perfect leading up to your wedding, there’s only so much you can ask of others. 

Bridezillas are so common that one bride decided to prank her bridesmaids to trick them into thinking she was one. She sent a document on April Fools Day listing all of the expectations she has for her bridesmaids. These expectations include dropping dress sizes for the event and spending thousands of dollars on a bachelorette party. While most of the bridesmaids realized this was an April Fool’s prank pretty quickly, one of them is still seething over this joke two months after April Fools Day. She went to Reddit to share her story, and nobody seems to agree with her. 

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