Server Memes For Restaurant Workers Who Are Dead Inside

A lot of people look down on those who work at restaurants. It’s true that it’s not a job for everyone, but «serving» people doesn’t make you «less than» anyone else. While it’s stressful, restaurant work gives a lot of time to people who want to pursue their art, school, or even some daytime hobbies. Playing music all day and then working 4 hours at night is a dream for many people. The same goes for those in the fine arts or people who are grinding away at grad school. So while it’s definitely not a career that people find easy, it has its perks and purpose. Between front and back of house politics, to catering to the needs of entitled and rude a-holes, the gig is definitely less than glamorous. Fortunately, if you’re struggling to keep your cool around your manager or customers, these restaurant memes will remind you that you’re sure as hell not alone. 



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