Sickeningly Sappy Relationship Memes

We know some of y’all spend your days sending each other cute memes, but we have to at least pretend to be disgruntled about it. One of the indisputable issues with couples today is a lack of appreciation on one or both sides for great memes. No matter how sappy or savage, memes should be an integral part of any healthy relationship. At least one joint session a week of meme scrolling is recommended to maximize intimacy and your connection as a couple. 

The reality of relationships can sometimes be expertly summed up in meme form, and these sexual relationship memes are very much aware of how difficult a relationship can be. Or, If you want to see how it really is like out there, you won’t be disappointed with these cutesy relationship memes, or these visceral real-life relationship memes, maybe those will give you feelings.

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