Snarky Jedi Memes for Rogue Gamers Who (Mistakenly) Thought They Could Handle the Hardest Difficulty on a Star Wars Game

We’re not going to lie to you, every gamer was thrilled when they heard that there was going to finally be a Star Wars video game that had nothing to do with Legos. Not to bash Lego obviously, because those games were fun too, but for those of us kiddos who grew up obsessed with lightsaber sword play, friendly robo-sidekicks, and a natural inclination towards tunic-style clothing, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was godsent– plus it was nice to escape the niche battle-royale style of the Battlefront games. Many people were overly confident when starting the game and kicked off in the hardest difficulty, Jedi Grandmaster, only to stoop to the nearly beginner level of Jedi Knight just so that they could finish the game without breaking their controllers and ending their marriages.

Well, now that the next chapter of Fallen Order is on the way, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, and we’re all ready to be hurt again. In the spirit of beating all the meditation combat challenges without cheating, here are some nostalgic memes from the first game to get you ready for the new installment coming later this month. Hint: This will certainly not prepare you to battle any Ogdo Bodgo’s or Second Sisters.

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