Snippy Hairstylist Memes That Take More Than a Little Off the Top

The importance of hairdressers is seriously underrated. A profession that is in charge of everything on our head — i.e., the first thing that gets noticed about most people — deserve some respect for the power that they wield. A bad haircut can make or break our self esteem, so it’s important that those who handle our hair know exactly what they’re doing. 

Unfortunately, our follicles are also one of those parts of our body that we’re most prone to using and abusing. From ill-advised bleach jobs to mental breakdown bang cutting, hair stylists have to deal with it all on a daily basis. On top of that, there is the attitude that some clients take when it comes to people touching their crowning glory. Getting a trim right is no mean feat, so it’s only fair we celebrate those who do them for a living with this selection of hairstylist memes. 

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