Spiteful Boomers Shame Young Women for Wearing Skirts, Karen Gets Roasted

When you’ve got a bunch of strangers existing in public together, things can suddenly turn ugly given the right combination of elements. Recently, a viral TikTok was shared on r/PublicFreakout, and the scene that unfolds feels almost like a meme in itself: a boomer, a Karen, and a couple of OnlyFans zoomers in an airport—this was never going to turn out well.

The audio is pretty faint, so we’ve done our best to transcribe the video:

Young woman 1: You must be really attracted to my ass since you’re the one checking it out.
Karen: Your ass? You’re the one here without any tits.
Y: That’s fine. You don’t have to bash me for being a woman with small tits. I’m happy with my body, thank you. [applause]
K: Woman? No…women don’t talk like that.
Y: Women don’t talk like that? Listen to how you and your husband are talking. He thinks he’s a police officer? My grandfather’s chief of police over Atlanta.
K: Husband? Wow you took that for granted…[inaudible]
Young Woman 2: You’re husband’s looking at her ass so…
Y: Yeah! Yeah that’s why he came up and said some sh*t to me.
K: Really? Because my husband’s back in Connecticut, sweetheart. [inaudible arguing back and forth] We ain’t even related, dumbass! 
Y: Ohh wow you must be a great model for your kids callin’ me a…[inaudible] 
Man: I’ve arrested prostitutes that had more on than that.
[Karen laughs]
K: Drama, drama, drama.
Y: Wow people are so judgey just because we don’t look like how all you basic bitches do.
K: Thank God!
Y: Yeah thank God I’m not basic as f*ck!
K: You’re not nothing!
Y: Oh thank you, that’s why I make $40,000 a month.
M: On welfare? On welfare? You look like you’re on welfare.
K: And you’re showing what makes it underneath that skirt. 
Y: Exactly! And I’m proud of it!
K: Of what? Being a prostitute?
Y: No! No! I’m not no prostitute! I don’t sell my p*ssy! But everybody likes to f*cking look at my t*tties and pay me thousands of dollars for it! Yeah! I don’t give a f*ck. I do not f*cking care. Anybody who records me and…

Keep scrolling to see how the redditors of r/PublicFreakout reacted to the video.

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