Sports Illustrated Model Yumi Nu Responds To Jordan Peterson’s Fat Shaming

For a self-styled life coach and guru, Jordan Peterson sure does have a knack for taking massive Ls. These days, he never seems to be in the news for things that make him look good, and this week has been no exception. Users of Twitter took great pleasure in hounding his controversy-baiting ass right off of the platform after he took offense at Sports Illustrated having its first Asian plus size cover girl in its 58 year history. It was clear that he was no match for the body positivity movement, no matter how hard he railed against the «authoritarian tolerance» of choosing to look at a picture of a woman in a bathing suit.

It was clear that his harsh words had little effect on the model involved, too, after she gave her two cents on the whole debacle. Taking to TikTok, Yumi Nu mimed along to the lyrics of Nicki Minaj’s «Itty Bitty Piggy», announcing «I win… you lose». Unsurprisingly, she was flooded with supportive comments that congratulated her on Peterson’s dramatic exit from social media. It’s not every day you get an ego boost like this, even when you literally make a career out of your own beauty. 

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