Star Wars Memes For Prequel Defenders

Contrary to popular belief, not every Star Wars fan is a complete and utter hater of the prequels. If you’re a bitter, Gen X original trilogy purist who watched the first Star Wars in theatres before one could even dream of it one day being called «A New Hope,» I can understand how the prequels might have been a bit disappointing for you. However, you cannot wallow in bitterness forever because a movie from 1999 didn’t reach your high expectations. There’s truly no use being a hater of the Star Wars prequels in the year of our lord 2022: wanting Jar Jar Binks to experience a fiery demise is not the hot new take you think it is. 

If you are a proud fan of the Star Wars prequels, then today is your lucky day. The following memes celebrate all that is not Episode 4, Episode 5, and Episode 6. 

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