Straight Dudes List All the Gender-Based Assumptions That Annoy Them

It’s accepted wisdom that when you’re a (white) straight man, you sit on top of the privilege pile. Nine times out of ten, society is doing its best to keep you on top, even when that doesn’t feel very comfortable. 

As a result, it leads the rest of us to put this group in a narrowly defined box. Without getting all men’s rights activist about it, there are certain things that many of us assume about heterosexual men that don’t always turn out to be true. 

This has been underlined in a thread on r/AskMen, that asked its members what stereotypes about their group bothered them the most. It turns out that there are a lot of accusations that guys wanted to put to rest, even if they were only false when it came to them. It’s not always fair to tar everybody with the same brush, that’s for sure.

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