Strict Professor Gets Schooled After Chiding Student To Improve Their Grades

Of all the parts of the learning environment, the quality of the teacher has to be one of the most important factors. There’s nothing like a jerk grading your papers to cause stress and demotivation, so when you are faced with a situation like that it’s important to take action. This was exactly what u/ttbmips did when they faced off one of their strict college professors. After their midterm grade suffered after she wrongly announced how much time was left on the test, the teacher asked the class to provide a strategy to improve their grades, with anyone who stuck to it and provided evidence getting extra credit. The student came up with an ingenious way to achieve this, all while getting revenge for the mistake they had suffered for. Self-important professors can be a real pain, but there’s no doubt that the rare occasion they get their comeuppance can be extra satisfying.

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