Student Shouts Out Crocs For Giving Shoes To Entire High School In Fire-Stricken Colorado

Crocs have been having a real moment for quite a while now. Once upon a time, they were shunned as an ugly shoe for dorks, and people working jobs where they didn’t have a choice. Nowadays, they’re a fashion statement that’s repped by celebrities and normal people alike. 

As if that wasn’t good enough, it would seem like they’re a company with a conscience as well. This has been brought to the attention of the internet by @carlyrae242, a high school student who revealed that the brand gave pairs of their iconic shoes to her entire school district. 

They were prompted to do this after seeing Colorado spending months battling destructive coal seam fires across much of the state, including the town in which Carly goes to school. The end result made for a kind of trippy TikTok, where at first glance it seems like all the students have taken a new trend to its extreme. Viewers had no end of jokes to make about the gesture, but that didn’t stop them appreciating it, too.


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