Sweet, Innocent Dad Catfished By Photo of Lady Gaga in ‘A Star Is Born’

Dating as a parent must be tough, but watching a parent date later is pretty tough, too. The frustration, the sadness of watching someone you love get hurt. While we have tons of sympathy for adults who are forced back into the dating pool, having to watch someone you respect and love struggle in an area of common sense must be difficult. Twitter user @stahppitrahn provided some very good (and very funny) proof of this recently. Seems her sweet father fell prey to a dating scammer who tried to convince him that a woman named Stacy was very interested in him. When @stahppitrahn asked her dad to share a photo of his new boo, he complied and the scam was confirmed. The photo was of Lady Gaga as Ally in A Star Is Born. 

Getting scammed isn’t a fun experience, but at least @stahppitrahn’s dad (who has been catfished before) is providing the Internet with entertainment. The thread, in which people have shared their own parents’ dating experiences, and lots of jokes, is proof that these funny stories really bring people together. Here’s hoping Dad can take this dating debacle in stride.

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