Thanksgiving Edition: The Best Nostalgia Memes of the Week for Any Hungry and Yearning Millennial (November 24, 2022)

Thanksgiving is underrated, but you know who appreciated it? The ’90s! Think about it—every popular show at the time always had a Thanksgiving special. Friends, Hey Arnold!, Seinfeld, The Rugrats, and so many more! It was a time to stuff your face and sit at the kids’s table while the adults talked about stuff that made them yell at each other. Maybe your uncle would storm out before dinner was even over… But who cares, you have the Playstation ripping and have the newest Crash Bandacoot ready to roll. Oh, your cousin brought their Gameboy and have the new Pokémon game? Well, why didn’t you say so?! Let’s go play on the Gameboy out in the Gerald’s field, I’ll bring my inline skates! We just have to be back home before the street lights go on. Ahhh, yes. Being a ’90s kid during Thanksgiving was… Well, it was definitely a time. Just let the nostalgia memes about it below bring you back!

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