The Best of ‘Dear Intern’ Tweets: HBO’s Intern Accidentally Sent Out a Mass Email to Subscribers, Tweeter Responds with Their Own Relatable Intern Mishaps

Being the new kid in anything is already a scary step to take. Whether you’re the new kid in a neighborhood, or the new intern at work, it’s scary to experience new things on your own. But, as we know, it is just a part of life and a good life lesson at that. Mistakes are made just as much as accomplishment are and you learn from them. 

Recently, an intern working at HBO accidentally sent out a mass email to all subscribes that was blank with the subject line «integration test email 1.» HBO seems to have responded accordingly and are fully supporting their intern—they’ve had many interns before and interns are also human, so mistakes are very possible. However, something very positive came out of this mistake and that is the new «dear intern» trend on Twitter. 

Thousand of people have flooded to Twitter in support of the intern sharing their own little intern hiccups. So many people have their own hilarious mistakes from interning, their first days of work, and many other work-related mess ups. They’re funny and supportive to this intern who is probably feeling a little silly today. However, all these Tweets and personal stories being shared are saying, «hey, it’s cool. We all make mistakes. You learn and live on.» 

We rounded up some of our favorites from the new trend, enjoy them for yourself below! 

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