The Best Relatable Work Memes This Week (August 29, 2022)

The idea that we only use ten percent of our brain is a myth, but on some workdays it can feel that way. Spending most of our time doing the same mundane tasks over and over is good for neither motivation nor our feelings of intelligence. In theory, the little bits of stress and annoyance that get sprinkled in should be give us a kick up the butt, yet even these seem to keep us running on empty.

There is no getting around it: a lot of us do jobs that a very boring, and a lot of them aren’t even that useful, too. It’s no wonder we don’t feel that stimulated by the work that we do. This is why we need a load of stuff to fill the gap, like complaining. Even better, complaining via the ever-versatile medium of memes. These images might only make your synapses pop a little more than whatever tedious business you’re avoiding, but at least they bring enjoyment. 

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