The Best Remixes to ‘Stranger Things’ «Chrissy, Wake Up» That TikTok Has to Offer

I’d like to start off saying, I am so sorry for this… It’s not my fault the internet takes things too far! If I have to scroll through hours of these Stranger Things remixes and they’re just getting more and more ridiculous turning my brain into mush, then please do it with me?? At first they’re groovy and fun—you might even think, «hey, this catchy Eddie Munson remix would save me from Vecna!» But then you keep scrolling and the your For You page is filled with more and more absurd remixes. You even get Rick Rolled by Eddie Munson! NOTHING IS MAKING SENSE ANYMORE. Is this what Vecna wanted all along?! Remixes from Star Wars to Abba, if Chrissy doesn’t f***ing wake from one of these already, I’m going to sacrifice myself to Venca in her place! If you didn’t watch Stranger Things season 4, I’m sure you have still heard parts of this «Chrissy, wake up» scene remixed into a song. It was supposed to be a very emotional and messed up scene. But now the internet has turned it into… INTO… I don’t even know, but it feels more f***ed up than Vecna’s curse, so… Aaanyways, enjoy! 

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