The Best ‘The Voice’ Memes to Rise and the Most Iconic Moments From the Show

Monday was the finale for The Voice season 22 and a winner was announced. If you were watching, than you know that Bryce Leatherwood was the winner. Like usually, fans of the show are split on their celebrations—some are excited and believe Leatherwood deserved the win. While others are upset and say another contestant was totally screw out of a rightful win. It’s like Game of Thrones on that show, but with karaoke! If you have no idea about how this show works, it’s basically a singing contest. There are several judges, all with top 40 backgrounds, and they are turned around unable to see the contestant. Then if they like what they hear, they press a button and get to see the singer. If multiple judges do that, this means that now the contestant gets to pick which one of these judges she is going to work with for the rest of the show. Then the judges train their chosen contestant and perform until one of them wins by «fan» voting. Anyways, whether you’re pro-Leatherwood win or not, as long as you’re a fan of the show, you’re going to love these memes below! 

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