The Best Travel Hacks for New Year’s Eve That Social Media Travel Influencers Have Up Their Sleeves

Ahhhh New Year’s Eve, the ultimate night of partying and adventures. Even homebodies who prefer to skip all the parties will make an exception for New Year’s Eve. It’s a time to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new. New Year’s Eve also happens to be an absolutely chaotic time for travel. It’s a time when people are traveling due to the holidays, and you better believe you weren’t the only one who had the brilliant idea to leave your hometown for NYE. Flights are getting canceled left and right due to severe winter weather and overbooking and it is very high stress. But guess what? We have the wonderful world of the internet now and traveling can be a lot less stressful with a little research. Travel influencers tend to have an annoying reputation, but you can’t deny they give some amazing travel hacks. So here are a few hacks that crossed our TikTok feed from knowledgeable travel influencers that we found to be actually extremely helpful—especially if you have decided to travel this New Year’s Eve. Goodbye, chaotic traveling of 2022 and hello smooth sailing 2023! 

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