The Best Tweets Reacting to the 2023 Oscar Nominations

I cannot earnestly identify as a movie buff. I may have a Letterboxd account that I update regularly, but that’s about the long and short of it. I do, however, love a good Oscars season, and I especially stanned the Academy Awards when I was in high school. I tried to watch every nominee for Best Picture during my junior and senior years of high school, and it was a fun challenge! I remember being unable to get through the movie where Gary Oldman plays Winston Churchill. Fair enough, younger me, I don’t think 17-year-olds should be subjected to something as dull as that. The best moment of this era was when Moonlight was announced as Best Picture after La La Land was initially announced. I don’t think I had ever been more stoked about a mistake than I was that night. It sucks that those two movies will forever be associated with each other, but at least the right man walked away with the trophy. 

This year, the Oscar nominations are sparking a lot of discourse already, and what better place to see the discourse of the film community than on Twitter dot com? If you’ve missed the initial reactions to nominations, the following tweets will fill you right in. 

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