The Buzz Around The Beekeeping Influencer Beef

Two of the most improbably wholesome things on this earth are honey bees and niche but adorable online communities. Both are an essential part of their respective ecosystems and put a lot of work into producing something sweet. Combine the two and you get something like @texasbeeworks, the TikTok account that has been bringing beekeeping exploits to the masses.

The face of the account is Erika Thompson, who has been winning hearts and views for her seemingly unconventional methods. Many of her videos show her rescuing bees with no protective equipment, usually scooping them with her bare hands — although she assures viewers that she takes precautions when needed.

So far, so warm and fuzzy. However, this is the internet and nothing is sacred. In recent days, Thompson has been challenged by beekeeper Friday Chamberlain. Over at @lahoneybeerescue, Chamberlain’s video slammed the methods of her fellow bee influencer as «setting a dangerous precedent». She criticized her lack of tools, as well as the dangers of dark clothing and long hair. Even worse, she accused her of letting her husband do most of the work behind the scenes.

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