‘The dog filter on snapchat’: Ex Tumblr Girl Reminisces on the Vibes of the 2010’s, Giving Cringe and Nostalgia at the Same Time

Growing up is tough, but when you’re a child with unrestricted access to the Internet, it’s tough to avoid being persuaded by the Web. For folks who grew up in the 2010’s we rummaged through the Internet to splice together our preferred personality, drawing from Tumblr, Pinterest, and early-hipsterized Instagram to create the perfect self. If you’re one of those people who Franken-styled yourself based on the end of the early 2000’s and beginning of the Kardashian era, then its not only time to get a night serum for crow’s feet, but it’s also time to reminisce on your Tumblr girl era. 

One woman on TikTok recently divulged some of the main brain-chemistry-altering truths of the 2010’s, calling us all out for our combover bangs, our excessive scarf wearing, and of course, the infamous dog filter on Snapchat. Scroll for the nostalgia dump of 2010 trends that shaped our lives, our web browsing history, and most importantly, our hair. 

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