The Funniest Disney Memes of the Week (November 19, 2022)

Let’s be honest: Disney theme parks are literally the best theme parks in the world, and it’s not even close. I know that Disney fans have dealt with many issues since the parks reopened. The mouse is really trying to get every dollar you’ve got and then some. They’re even making park guests pay for Fast Passes now! What is this? Six Flags? 

While some regular park visitors might disagree, as somebody who loves theme parks generally but hasn’t been to Disney in 5 years, no other parks compare. Disney’s strength is all in the theming. Walking down Main Street at the Magic Kingdom is so much more immersive than any other theme park «main street.» The amount of variety in terms of attractions at Disney is unparalleled, and I’ve never had a bad day when visiting the home of the big cheese. Despite their flaws, Disney theme parks are my favorites.

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