The Trollish Meme That Has Everyone Searching for Goku

If you’ve been wondering about some cryptic memes floating around lately that involve a hidden Goku and a mysterious red circle, wonder no further, because we can explain. It all started with an illustration tweeted by @Scope479 depicting characters from the dark indie RPG Omori. In the image, a bright red circle highlights the intertwined hands of two characters in the left corner while Goku poses conspicuously in the right corner.

The tweet went viral and many were dumbfounded by how they could have fallen for such an obvious visual red herring. The trollish meme inspired a spate of copycats and tongue-in-cheek references to the original. Some versions of the meme took the troll a bit further and simply depicted a red circle in an arbitrary, Goku-less image. After nearly a month of ‘Where’s Goku?‘ memes circulating across all social media platforms, the hollow red circle now evokes the haunting image of Goku in the mind of the shitposter. When Twitter user @Mike302 pointed out the hidden arrow in FedEx’s logo, those scarred by the trauma of searching for Goku in the pixels of hundreds of images were triggered and demanded to know the location of Goku. 

Keep scrolling for some key memes and posts from the ‘Where’s Goku?’ saga. And if you’re still confused, Know Your Meme did a whole video explaining the meme in depth. 

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