Things That Are Worse Than a Breakup, According to Twitter

Breakups can be one of the most painful things a person will ever experience. I, for one, can barely handle it. I seethe, I write insane emails, I cry for days. Eventually, I snap out of it, but wow. It’s certainly an arduous emotional journey. Though breakups destroy me, I have experienced worse. The dissolution of a friendship has proven to be much more difficult to heal from than a partner breakup. After my best friend Emily snapped and turned on me (alcoholism messes with a person’s brain) it took me about five years to not go on a tirade about what a horrible person she was. It made me so sad but mostly it made me angry, which is pretty bad energy to hold onto. I’m finally over the situation, but it took me so much longer to recover than with my romantic exes. While I have only (1) experience that’s been worse than my worst breakup, it seems people on Twitter are having fun by listing their own painful experiences that eclipse the agony of losing love. And honestly, some of these people have got a point. 

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