Tolkien Tuesday: The Best Lord of the Rings Memes This Week (July 5, 2022)

What up, y’all? We’re back with another edition of Tolkien Tuesday, which I almost forgot to wriet because I have a small brain that doesn’t adapt well to things like three day weekends and/or having time off for national holidays. That shiz messes my schedule up. Anyway. I didn’t completely forget, so here we are now, ready to enjoy some incredibly stupid and moderately funny memes inspired by and using stills from the Lord of the Rings. While most LOTR memes we come across these days stick to the movies, there are the odd deep cuts from Tolkien fans that have actually read the books and know who Tom Bombadil is. Props to them. 

Whether you’re strictly a movie fan or turn your nose up at the theatrical releases, these memes are likely to garner some kind of response from you. Perhaps it will be a chuckle. Or maybe a wince. But we’re betting most of these memes will inspire some exasperated sighs and eyerolls. Which is exactly what we’re hoping for.

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