Top Racing Random Thoughts for People Who Think A Sea

For overthinkers, the brain can be a powerful tool that is both as helpful as it is not; the chaos erupts serendipitously. The bad, the good, and the ugly expel themselves from amidst the high waves. We think to our own detriment. As Shrek would say, ‘Better out than in’, and better out it is; for on Reddit you shall find a beautiful sub named r/RandomThoughts, which suits the posts there perfectly. Today we’ve gathered up some of the most relatable, hilarious, and honest confessions. Below you’ll find an explosion of ponderings by regular people who may or may not have a similar philosophy on life.

Reddit is also contaminated with a lot of trolls, so we made sure that none of that nonsense made it into this list. Scroll down and have a thought, or two, or three. For more, here are some hilarious ‘The Office’ memes for avid watchers of the beloved show that unfortunately ended nearly a decade ago. Michael Scott and his crew will always be in our thoughts.

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