Trisha Paytas Gives Birth to Baby Girl That People Are Convinced is the Reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth II

It’s been a hell of a 24 hours for a lot of people. The monarchists, the British, the sh*tposters, and all of the above have had their brains taken out of their skulls and put through a spin cycle in the great big washing machine of a definitive once in a life time event. 

The death of Queen Elizabeth II sparked one of the more memorable days on the internet in recent history, but the general mania has not just been confined to the mourning of the iconic monarch. Across the pond, something just as momentous was happening while ol’ Lizzie took her final breaths: Trisha Paytas was welcoming her first child into the world.

Confirming that she was 1cm dilated around about the same time that news broke of the Queen’s failing health, it was later discovered that she had birthed her daughter allegedly three minutes after the actual death announcement. Somehow, this led to a dedicated subset of Twitter users insisting that the late Queen was now a baby of YouTube royalty.

To put it mildly, Trish has never been one to shy away from attention seeking. However, it’s hard to believe that even the CEO of internet drama could make a maneuver like this on purpose.  

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