Trucking Company Takes Clients Own Advice and Fires Them After Calling Their Bluff

«Why don’t you just fire us then.» is an empty threat that you should never make, somewhere along the lines of «If you don’t do this I quit» or «Why don’t you just leave if you don’t like it.» When one makes such threats they’re saying it thinking they’re in a position of power. 

It’s a power move and manipulation tactic to force a subordinate (or someone you otherwise have power over) into reluctantly accepting whatever terms you are proposing. By giving them an «out», the person in power is psychologically manipulating them into resigning and becoming complicit with the power-wielders wishes. 

So, when this trucking company had it suggested to them, by the client themselves, that they should fire the client, it triggered a reflection that caused the trucking company to realize that they’d rather not service this client any longer. 

Keep reading to see screenshots of this story, as posted to Reddit’s r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit this week by Reddit user u/Wildcatb. They’ve promised to post an update as things unfold, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for it.

For more malicious compliance check out this CEO who laughed off a worker’s request for a raise and challenged them to find a new job.

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