Twitter Is Simping For Young Alex Jones Carving A Pumpkin

Casual tweeter @paleoteny posted a video of 23-year-old Alex Jones on Wednesday, not expecting the short clip to blow up within minutes. If you’re not already familiar with the infamous globalist-hater, all you really need to know is that he believes the Pentagon puts chemicals in the water that «turn the friggin’ frogs gay.» Young Alex Jones seems a bit more chill than his present-day self (which isn’t saying much), but he still emits a familiar chaotic energy in the video.

Jones spends the entirety of the two-minute long clip casually hacking away at a pumpkin with a kitchen knife while confirming a caller’s suspicions about FLIR Systems’ thermal imaging technology and how «black helicopters are being used for surveillance of the public by police departments around the country.» There are several strange things about this clip—the limp skeleton conspicuously turned away from the camera; the sudden jump-cuts to a closeup of Alice Cooper’s severed head; the fact that Jones never wishes us a Happy Halloween—and yet people on Twitter didn’t really seem to give a shit about any of that. Most of them either simped for the young and surprisingly handsome public access host, or entertained the conspiracy that Alex Jones is actually Bill Hicks. Take a look at the clip and decide for yourself! We’ve also included some of the best replies to the amusing throwback. 

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