Twitter Reacts to Reports of Leonardo DiCaprio Dating a 19-Year-Old Model

Few things are certain in this short life. Death is inevitable, and so are taxes. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West. It’s also inevitable that at any given moment, former teen heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio is dating a woman that could easily be his daughter. 

While age gap discourse has become more than a little boring, it seems that Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating preferences have not.  Just six months ago the Oscar-winning actor was roasted, toasted, and scrutinized for breaking up with his ex-girlfriend Camila Morrone just after she turned 25. The 25-year expiration date has been a long-running joke regarding DiCaprio, but it seems that he’s chosen to outdo himself in 2023 – instead of robbing the cradle he’s robbed the damn incubator by hanging with Eden Polani, who is just 19 years old. 

Though DiCaprio was last known to be dating 23-year-old Victoria Lamas, she was nowhere to be seen when Leo was spotted with the 19-year-old Israeli-French model at singer Ebony Riley’s EP release party in late January. 

The revelation of DiCaprio’s new romance has predictably ruffled a lot of feathers – and inspired a lot of jokes and roasts – on the Internet, especially on Twitter. While some people are straight-up calling the 48-year-old a predator, others are choosing to call him out in our favorite manner, with humor. We’ve rounded up a variety of the web’s reactions for your viewing convenience.

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