Waffle Memes For International Waffle Day (March 25, 2023)

Happy International Waffle Day, everyone! I know what you’re thinking: «International Waffle Day is a silly made-up holiday! If you don’t get a day off work for it, it’s not a real holiday!» I myself have also fallen into thought patterns like this. I woke up this morning thinking that the only reason International Waffle Day exists is so goons like me can post delicious waffle memes for rubes like you to enjoy. If you agree with this sentiment as I once did, let me pose you a question: is that so wrong? Is one of our most beloved Belgian breakfast foods not worthy of a single day of celebration and merriment through the art of memes? I would argue that International Waffle Day is just as valid of a holiday as Christmas or Lima Bean Respect Day. If you agree, take a walk on the waffle side with these hilarious waffle memes. 

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